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Reasons Why Carports Can be considered as Worthy Alternatives to Garages

Reasons Why Carports Can be considered as Worthy Alternatives to Garages

One cannot argue the fact, that carports are cost-effective, and one can save a lot by investing in a carport rather than a garage. However, you might be hesitant about the strength of the structure and if it will provide security to your cars. Listed below are several reasons why you should give carports a chance:

Planning permits

Carports do not require planning permits(in some areas they do check with your local zoning laws) as opposed to garages. This is the most important advantage it offers over garages. Homeowners often have to go through a lot of trouble to obtain a permit for building a garage. And there are numerous homeowners who do not receive this permission. In such cases carports are the ideal choice as homeowners need not go through the hassle of acquiring a special permit.

Protection from sun

Carports might not be able to offer high level of security to cars; however they can protect cars from strong sunlight. The layers of paint on the car are not damaged by the UV rays since the paint offers UV protection. However, being exposed to strong sunlight leads to drying up of any external rubber in the form of wiper blades, door seals and tires. The rubber deteriorates and cracks and needs to be replaced. This does not occur if cars are placed in either garages or carports. Thus, carports can definitely be considered as an alternative to garages.

Protection from hailstorm

Superior quality carports are made up of steel and even though these carports can be moved around, they can endure even severe hailstorms. The strength of metal carports prevents the car from being damaged even if the hail stones are the size of baseballs. The level of protection that a carport provides in this situation varies according to the type of carport. If roll down panels are present at the sides, it will also offer protection from hailstones which blow inwards.

Protection from snow

Snow can cause heavy damage to a car, as it enters the car upon melting and then freezes inside the car body. When it re-freezes the components might be forced apart. Along with internal damage external damage is also caused at times when drivers attempt to scrape off ice from the windscreen. Carports are specially equipped to support cars from snow as cover ratchet straps are provided which keep the cover close to the car, and prevents the covers from getting blown away.

Less maintenance

Carports do not required to be maintained like garages, and even without proper maintenance last long. Carports withstand all forces within their warranty period and can be reused, later after quality of the erected structure decreases.

These can definitely be considered as effective alternatives to garages. You can purchase superior quality carports at Carportsnsheds as this is the one stop shop for similar structures. Visit to view the available models and designs and obtain a quote for any structure you choose. Along with sales, the efficient team of Carportsnsheds also helps with installation, servicing and conversion of carports to garages, barns or storage buildings.


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