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13 of the best prefab metal garages

When it comes to the best prefabricated metal garages you do not have to look far to find them, they are sold by most major retailers/dealers. Here is a list of the 13 best prefab metal garages in our opinion. Prefab metal garages come in various sizes  and metal options ranging from 12 wide to 100 wide and in 12 gauge 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ and 14 gauge 2 ½ x 2 ½ NOTE: We do not recommend that you purchase the lower quality 14 gauge 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ in our opinion it is better to buy a better-quality steel that will last.

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  1. The 2-car prefab metal garage: This is by far the most sold prefab metal garage in the industry it can be purchased in a regular rounded frame or as shown in the picture as a boxed eave (A frame) vertical roof. You can also customize to have the sides and ends vertical or horizontal, most retailers will also have a 2-tone option for the walls. The 2-car prefab metal garage is also available in several sizes, the size will depend on the size of the doors that you select: the standard being 9x8s or 10x10s.

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2 car prefab metal garage

2. The 3-door prefab metal garage with extra office space: This is another extremely popular option, the doors again will depend on your needs, the most popular size is a 30x50x12 with 3 10x10 doors.

3 door prefab metal garage

3. The prefab metal garage with 2 lean to sheds: When it comes to prefab metal garages they come in many configurations; a really popular option is adding 2 lean to sheds to the side of it. The lean-to sheds can be anywhere from 8 to 15 wide in standard sizes and can run either the entire length of the building or ½ of it, depending on your needs.

prefab metal garage with lean to shed

4. The 2-car prefab metal garage with storage space: This building is extremely popular with a lot of hobbyist as it has space for their cars and the other section can be used as a wood shop, storage space, office, man cave, or even as living quarters. The size will depend again on your needs.

2 door garage  2 tone tan and brown.jpg

5. The 1 car-prefab metal garage: in number 5 we have the single door prefab metal garage that features a single roll up door, the size of the door will depend on your needs. This prefab metal garage is extremely versatile and can be made to the dimension that you need.

prefab metal garage

6. Prefab metal garage with all the extras: This is a beautiful, premium prefab metal garage, it comes with the 2-tone colonial style vertical sides, the 45-degree trim kits and most of the time the heavier 12-gauge frame, with an option to add 26-gauge sheet metal. Even though it is bit on the pricey side, a lot of people prefer this over the standard prefab metal building: if your budget allows for it, we highly recommend the extra options.

prefab metal garage with vertical sides and ends

7. Prefab metal garage with loft:  This is another amazing looking prefab metal garage; it features a more aggressive 5/12 pitch to allow extra space for a loft. This prefab metal garage will need to be finish by you as most companies will not do the interior.

prefab metal garage with loft

8. The prefab metal garage with a single lean to shed: In number 8 we have a versatile building with a lean to shed. The main garage can be whatever size you need and the lean to shed can also be open, or all enclosed or just a single side closed like in the picture shown.

prefab metal garage with lean to shed

9. Prefab metal garage for your RV: If you have an RV, you know that you need to protect it from the weather, specially when not in use, this prefab metal garage is made specifically for that. The door on this building can be anywhere from 12x12 to 16x16 depending on the size of your RV. The garage itself can be purchased in heights of 12 to 16 feet. You can also have a wider building and have extra doors for additional parking space or for storage.

prefab metal garage for RV

10. The custom prefab metal garage: Many people like to fully customize/design their own building here is just an example, if you need something similar simply make a drawing by hand and send us a picture.

Custom Prefab Metal Garage

11. Commercial prefabricated metal garage: This garage can be used as a professional business, shop or as a warehouse, it can also be used as a barn or basically anything that you can think of. The size will be determined by your needs. This building will be certified to pass all local inspections.

Commercial prefabricated metal garage

12. Prefabricated metal barn: This is another extremely popular prefabricated metal building! This barns ere extremely versatile, they can be used as a garage, home, man cave, business, for your farm animals or for what ever you may need it. The best part is that it is extremely affordable.

50x30x14 prefabricated metal barn

13. Prefabricated metal building, the combo unit: This building features both an enclosed area that can be used as a garage or utility shed and then an open area that can be used as a standard carport. Most people close in the sides and then add extra frame outs to have the open plan layout.

Prefab combo unit

What did you think of our list? do you have any questions? if so feel free to call us at 1 844 205 7476, or simply request a a free quote and we will give you a call with no commitment. 

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