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30' Wide Commercial Grade Buildings

30' Wide Commercial Grade Buildings

If you are in need of a strong shelter for more than one vehicle or storage space for large, valuable equipment a 30' ft. wide commercial building is the ideal solution. These metallic shelters cover more area and offer a huge amount of space when compared to standard metal carports.

One of the most popular selections at is the 30' wide commercial grade building. The length of this building is not limited and can vary according to the dimensions of the property available. Building dimensions start at 30’Wx

21’L. There are many uses for this buildings for example a building 30' wide and approximately 60' long can be used as a manufacturing facility, gymnasium, storage building, or even sports center as; the list of options is unlimited. Since, this commercial building is so wide it can accommodate farm equipment without appearing like a barn due to the absence of the lean-too’s (side buildings).

For a building of these dimensions bracing and extra anchors becomes necessary. Therefore, we at Carportsnsheds offer this structures with a certification option. This extra wide structures are built similarly as standard size carports. The difference in 30’ ft. wide structures are that they are built with a truss system therefore they can withstand a specific wind rating and snow load. We only build buildings which are robust and are able to endure powerful forces of nature.

Their customization can be similar to that of a standard sized structure. All buildings are fully customizable, they can be “open”(no sides or ends), close sides, close ends, include gable ends, garage doors, walk-in doors etc. for more information don’t hesitate to contact us here!quote/c1ctc

Or simply give us a call.

Why choose us?

Carportsnsheds is the leading provider of customizable carports and shelters for RVs, cars and boats. Construction of barns, storage facilities, warehouses and customizable commercial grade buildings is our forte, nobody beats our prices!

Our priority is client satisfaction and we achieve it with the help of our team of skilled professionals. Our team members are so dedicated that they don’t have a problem if you contact their cells directly! Give us a call and we will ensure that you get the best deal for you. Remember we don’t lure you with large, bold, red letters, we are providing transparency ensuring you get the best deal.

We, at Carportsnsheds offer our best services to each client and we do this by listening and providing what is needed by the client. We respond to our clients needs by learning to understand both, their unstated and stated needs. Our experts optimize designs keeping in mind the purpose of the 30' wide building. Hence, aspects taken into consideration during and after the construction and installation of the building are

  • Weather

  • Overall quality

  • Durability

After contract approval, the scheduling department will contact you and the installation process begins. Our clients are regularly updated and can also be actively involved during each step of the process. We carry out our duties in a straightforward manner with efficiency and also guide our customers when they require assistance regarding maintenance of the structure.

Other services

Contact us with your requirements today don’t forget we don’t just sales carports we offer a variety of highly customizable structures for every need. Here are just some examples:

  • standard size carports

  • Barns

  • Garages

  • Storage buildings

  • RVs/Boat covers

  • Pool Covers

  • Warehouses


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