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Maintenance Tips for Metal Structures – Things to Know

When we buy a steel building or metal shed, we expect it to be durable. Although steel is indeed economical and sturdy building material, we should perform proper maintenance to extend the condition and life of the building. The problem is that some of us still don't know how to conduct proper metal building maintenance. Here are some tips we can use for keeping our metal building in great condition.


Ways to Preserve Metal Buildings


First of all, we should check weather stripping. One of the most fragile parts in a metal building is the weather seal. We must check on both on the edges of windows and doors. This plastic or rubber seal is important for keeping out moisture, cold air, pests, and many other problems. Still, it will wear over time and become cracked, brittle, and damaged over time. As the result, it may cause drafts, unwanted invaders, and leaks. Overall, it will be always a good idea to check the weather seal on building's windows and doors at least on a yearly basis. Whenever we find cracks, we should replace it with a new seal.


Secondly, we must check our garage doors. We indeed depend on it to keep our items and vehicles safe. That means we need to make sure the garage doors function properly. If we use sliding garage door, we should make sure everything runs well. If we use a lift-open door, we must give oil into the hinges and all of the moving parts. It's important to keep everything properly maintained for it to work properly and smoothly. If we use motorized doors, we should take advantage of the help from professionals. We can't deal with problems happening in motorized garage doors due to its intricate system. Thus, we need to hire a technician to fix those problems.


Next, we must inspect or examine the exterior and interior walls. It's very imperative to check the quality of the walls. We need to know whether or not there are some signs of rust. If ignored, the problems will get worse over time. It's also important to inspect thoroughly for any signs of wear and staining. Usually, these problems occur on the near corners at the garage base. When it comes to the interior part of the building, we must take a look for any problems or potential corrosion around mounted brackets.


Even though metal structures are quite sturdy, they can withstand moisture over time. Metal buildings degrade over time due to moisture exposure. If left untreated, moisture problems in a metal building are hard to fix. The best way to prevent them is insulation. Ventilation is also a good choice, in fact. These will keep away the moisture from occurring. There are many methods that we can use. The internet will provide us lots of references. We need to find the best method how to protect our metal building against moisture.


Next, we must check on the bottom part of the building (flooring). We should inspect whether or not there are water, mud, stains, and other potential problems on it. These will make the metal building or garage dirty and tired. As for the cleaning method, we can clean the floor regularly with a gentle chemical or soap. The oily floor is another story. A kitty litter is helpful when it comes to cleaning oily garage floor. This will make the floor looking new again. Both protective finishes and garage mats will keep our floor good too.


Let's Paint the Metal Shed


What about the idea of painting our metal shed? This small structure doesn't have to be ugly in our garden. There are many things we can take advantage to make the shed look attractive. Painting the metal shed doesn't only improve its appearance, but also, it also enhances its durability. These are some steps that we need to follow.


The first step is to clean and sandblast the surface. Pre-preparation is the key of painting the metal shed. We must eradicate any grease, dirt, or other impurities. Next, we must inspect whether or not there's damage on the surface of the metal shed. Basically, we need to fix all the problems before we start painting. By repairing the damages in our metal building, we can have a flawless surface. Thus, the painting process will be smooth.


It's common sense. The metal building is prone to rust. When it is about metal shed painting, we also need to apply the rust neutralizers. This may prevent the rust formation on the shed. We can either use rust preventive chemicals or rust neutralizers on it. These products will reach areas on the metal shed thoroughly so they can provide excellent protection against rust.


Aside from rust neutralizers, we need to have good metal primers. But, we must avoid sanding on the surface where we have applied the rust neutralizer. Why? The product won't work well on it. Also, we should wait for the primer to dry at least 24 hours before we can start painting. Next, we need to use oil-based paint when painting. This type of paint will help to seal the rust neutralizer we have applied earlier.


When it is about metal structure painting, we need to use a spray gun. It's important to use this device rather than a simple paint brush. This will help us preventing any soaked paints. We also need to remember to use the most reliable spray gun for the best result. Also, it can reduce the usage of paint so it will be more efficient and cheaper.




One of the advantages of owning a metal structure or shed is the ease of maintenance. Steel buildings can withstand both bad weather and damages. However, we should do regular maintenance to maximize the durability. We have read some basic tips above to preserve our metal building. DIY steel building maintenance is quite simple if we understand the procedure. What about severe damages? In this case, we need to get help from the manual laborer or a contractor. They are able to help us in preserving the metal building in a professional manner. Even though we need to pay some fees for their service, we can get the best maintenance quality.

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