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12 and 14 Ga Galvanized Steel

All of our materials are proudly made here in the Unites States! Check out how the 12 gauge 2 1/4 and the 14 gauge 2 1/2 is made in the video below NOTE: We do not use the lower quality 14 Ga 2 1/4 for actual frames like other companies do. Galvanized steel is used in all of our products, the steel carries a 20 year limited warranty and can be certified to withstand high wind and snow loads. Our buildings are guaranteed to pass inspection if they are certified and come with free generic drawings with the option to upgrade to site specific drawings. 


Our frames

Our frames vary depending on the style and certification, we do not just blindly build garages, they are engineered and made to withstand high winds and snow loads and will pass your local inspection. The frame that we use will depend on what your area requires, check out some examples below. 

5 car garage frame.jpg
80_wide truss.jpg
webbed truss legs.jpg
4rd edit on 30 to 40.png

Metal Roofing

Our sheet metal come in 3 ft wide pieces in 21, 26, and 31 ft lengths, they carry a 20 year limited warranty and are available in 29 gauge and 26 gauge. Our panels come with advance dent resistance, advance rust blocking and fade protection. All of our metal roofing is made here in the United States. 

panel dim..png
Custom 2 door Garage.jpg
2 door garage  2 tone tan and brown.jpg

Braces, Anchors and Hat Channel

When making a purchase from for a certified unit you do not need to worry about adding any extra braces or anchors, our buildings come standard with all the necessary anchors and braces. When it comes to vertical units they come with the necessary hat channel as well, there is no need to be buying piece by piece. The size of the braces will vary depending on what your county requires and the the building will come with the correct anchor system: rebar, mobile home anchors, asphalt anchors, or concrete anchors. 

double legs regular bow cns.jpg

Roll up doors, walk-in doors and windows

Check out the doors and windows that we use, we carry both certified and non-certified doors make sure to check with your county to see which door you will need, some counties allow non-certified doors on certified units. 

walk in door.gif
door image.jpg
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