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Large Commercial building
1 car garage
1 Car Garage
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2 Car Garage
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3 Car Garage
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4 Car garage
4 Car Garage
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Combo Units
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Custom Metal Units
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Commercial Garage
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Garage builders

If you are looking for a storage space for your vehicles or extra belongings and special equipment a detached metal garage might be the best option available to you. These garages can be built with or without flooring and as they are prefabricated they can be assembled before being delivered to your property. A concrete slab or gravel pads are the ideal options of flooring for a metal garage.




Before purchasing a garage it is necessary to have a plan in mind regarding the placing of the garage. A place needs to be allocated and the garage is to be purchased according to these dimensions. This piece of land needs to be plane so that assembly can be done easily. You also need to verify with the regulations of your neighborhood. In some locations a permit is required to have these structures installed on your property. Thus, ensure to have the necessary permissions for installation of a garage on your business or home property.




The option of customization is offered by all major providers like You can have a garage which meets all your needs owning to the various customization options provided. You can even make it multi-functional by adding a lean too’ to the structure. It can be styled to appear similar to your home or the building where you carry out business.

To have a look at the various options of customization, you can browse through the gallery of You can have multiple doors and windows which allows the garage to receive plenty of light. have proven time and again to be the leaders in garage builders, delivering fast and free.


Roof style

Whey you choose the correct garage builders you are able to add a strong finish and get it build to certification to make it sturdy so that it endures extreme conditions. There are multiple options for when making a garage; however, your choice should be based on the climatic conditions of your neighborhood and not only the style. Browse through our gallery to understand which structure offers protection from which weather. Discussing it with professionals is the best way of obtaining the right advice, make sure to contact the correct garage builder to get the most accurate data.


Length and width


The length and width of the garage can be determined based on two factors that are your requirements and area on which the structure will be assembled. There are fixed length and breadth dimensions, which can be changed if required. If you plan on storing multiple vehicles in your garage, a lengthier garage might be required. The standard lengths of garages issued by the industry are 21 ft, 26, ft and 31 ft. Each of these structures can be incremented by 5 ft in length. 21 ft is the standard size for storing one medium sized car in your garage. If you want to store motorbikes or gardening and sports equipment, you might need longer garages.

In order to store your car in your garage selecting the right width is necessary. The standard width of this structure varies across a wide range. The smallest size of 12 ft is ideal for storing a single car, RV or truck. If you own more than one vehicle you might require additional storage space.        

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