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How to Become the Proud Owner of Energy Efficient Garage

How to Become the Proud Owner of Energy Efficient Garage

There are numerous individuals who focus on making their homes energy efficient however; those who own garages forget that they should also try to make their garage efficient. Do you find the temperature in your garage to be pleasant or do you often shiver from the cold? Have you noticed any positive effects of using a heater or do you feel cold even after using it in the garage you purchased from Carportsnsheds? Listed below are some tips to make your garage energy efficient while saving money on energy bills.

Check for leaks

The first thing that you need to do is verify that there are no leaks in the building by running your hand along the edges of the main door, side door and windows. If you are able to feel air when the windows and doors are closed, it indicates that there are leaks. Your garage becomes energy-efficient if you are able to seal these leaks. One of the most effective techniques to seal these leaks is applying weather-stripping along the edges of windows and doors so that the air flow is blocked. After completing this task check again to verify if all leaks have been sealed or if there is still any flow of air.

Another place that needs to be checked is the area around the base of the garage, where the floor meets the walls. If you find any leaks in this region you can seal it off with a caulk gun as caulking is the most effective method to cut off air flow. If you do not look properly you might run out of caulk so ensure to have enough to complete this sealing project.

Insulating your garage door

At times automatic garage doors might be the reason for leaks, and if the problem lies with your garage door, you should consider applying insulation so that the leaks are blocked. In order to do this you need to purchase insulation kit which consists of a tape, insulation and gloves. You need to read the instructions before starting work to get it done correctly. Another common place where leaks occur is electrical outlets. You can check for leaks by moving your hand around the outlets, and if the leaks are present apply insulation around it. In order to stop the flow of air you can purchase insulated covers for these outlets. Light switches can also be the source of leakage, and one can seal the leak through application of insulation.

Maintenance of the door

When you purchase a garage there will not be any leaks in it especially if you buy it from a reputed company like Carportsnsheds. However, with passage of time there are several places which might weaken and one of them is the garage door. There should be a rubber strip covering the bottom edge and the seal is supposed to come in contact with the garage floor and is supposed to be evenly placed. There are numerous reasons for the automatic doors to be knocked out of their arrangement so get it repaired to close these gaps.


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