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4 Car Garage

The garage builders at carportsnsheds can make garages and metal buildings in all shapes and sizes, one of the most popular among car enthusiast is the 4 car garage. The 4 door garage that carportsnsheds offer are very affordable and can be installed in around 1 to 2 days depending on your experience.

The 4 car garage that is featured in the picture above features the 4 doors of course and vertical sides and ends. If you prefer the horizontal sides and ends check out the 4 door garage below that features both the horizontal sides and the 45 degree trim kit that we offer. As garage builders Carportsnsheds can also fully customize your 4 car garage and can add a mix of door sizes that can be used for all sorts of vehicles, from lifted trucks to small cars.

Our 4 car garages are available in 12 and 14 gauge and can be installed with horizontal or vertical sides. Our gable ends can be anywhere from 20 to 40 wide in our standard units and if needed we can make them from 40 to 100 wide with commercial certification. When it comes to height our 4 car garage come with standard heights of 6 to 14 tall or 14 to 20 high in commercial units. Furthermore, our 4 door garage is certified and rated at 140 mph wind and 35 psf of snow and when purchased come with free generic drawings for your county: site specific drawings available upon request.

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