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3 Car Garages

The 3-car garage is a very popular garage that we offer, the 3-car garage is a very versatile garage that can be used for both storage and for commercial purposes. A common thing that people are doing now is that they use the first 2 doors for their cars and the 3rd door on the three door garage as an office or as a work area. As garage builders we have seen a ton of creative uses for this units, some have even used it as a gym or and indoor court.

Garage Builders like Carportsnsheds offer a ton of options for the 3 bay garage. The 3 door garage can be purchased in both the rounded frame and the classic A frame and can be upgraded to a vertical roof as well. Carportsnsheds also offers the colonial style garage as wells as the 2 tone wainscoting options, all available in 12 and 14-gauge galvanized steel.

For the 3 car garage we offer several designed options, you can add your doors on the Gable end or on the side as seen in our pictures. In addition, you can add the 45 degree trim kit to your doors or If you prefer you can leave the doors out and just get frame outs, allowing you to save and get the doors at a later time.

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