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Workshops for mechanics

Workshop for mechanics

2 door workshop

If you are looking for a workshop you came to the right place we have the workshop of your dreams in several sizes and at the most affordable prices. Whether you are an auto mechanic that needs space for cars and trucks or a diesel mechanic that works on 18 wheeler/tractor trailers we have the right workshop for you. Ours shops come in standard widths from a 24x26 that can accommodate 2 cars to a 3-car shop that can be used commercially with an attached office space. If you are working on bigger trucks we also carry units from 24 wide to 40 in standard sizes or commercial sizes from 40 to 80, this workshop can be modified and can be made tall enough to have a second floor, the sky is the limit with these types of workshops, check out some examples in the attached images or in our gallery.

If you are needing a small workshop to work on your hobbies, we also have them from 12 wide to 24 wide and we can make them in any length you would like. The workshops at Carportsnsheds come with a 20-year limited warranty and a 90-day workmanship, they are available in both 12 and 14-gauge metal and in rounded or A frames.

When building a workshop make sure you pull all the correct permits from your county. If you are planning to run your business out of your workshop make sure to include 2 walk in doors in order for it to pass the fire safety review.

Building workshops is one of our specialties here at Carportsnsheds give us a call today or request your quote! It is 100% free!

Workshop with office space


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