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When You Must Purchase a New Storage Shed

When You Must Purchase a New Storage Shed

Every now and then we open the door to our storage sheds and add or remove items, however we fail to regularly inspect their condition and sometimes the damage they suffer is beyond repair, making replacement a must. Regularly inspect the condition of your storage shed because failing to do so may destroy your belongings while simultaneously being a danger to your life and property. To understand exactly when you require a brand new storage shed read the telltale signs listed below.

Rotting wood

Although, this sign is extremely easy to spot most storage shed owners ignore the existence of rotting wood and end up damaging the belongings stored inside. Due to excessive amounts of moisture the shed boards that start to come apart will have a green tinge, give off the odor of mildew and become discolored. Rotting can lead to board shrinkage and easily develop splits in the middle. If a few boards are rotting and the others are in a good condition damaged boards can be replaced. However, if this is not the case the purchase of a new shed is inevitable because rotting deteriorates the structure’s stability. Once your new shed is installed apply stain to its wood to protect against rotting.

Insect infestation

This sign of damage is quite difficult to spot because it surfaces from the inside out. Beetles, carpenter ants and termites dwell within a shed’s wooden walls gradually increasing the damage. Boring insects leave piles of sawdust and gain access through rows of small holes near the floor of a shed, which means these are perfect signs to look for. As you cannot determine the extent of damage on your own enlist the assistance of a bug inspector. If damage is minimal and can be reversed well and good, if not purchase your new shed from

Bear in mind that this type of issue becomes visible to us only after extensive damage has been done. Therefore you do not have a lot of time before you either repair or replace your shed. Insect infestations can make a shed terribly weak and a hazard as it may even collapse if owners fail to take necessary measures.

A leaning shed

This sign is among the most apparent signs that indicate a replacement. A shed begins to lean when its foundation is uneven or experiencing other issues. A majority of sheds have a concrete slab as their foundation, therefore very strong, durable and structurally safe. Despite its durability even concrete tends to crack and leak after years of use and causes the shed above to become unstable. And as we know unstable sheds begin to lean to one side and are extremely unsafe. Never use your storage shed if it is leaning to one side for it may collapse at any minute.

Purchasing a new shed, in such scenarios is a must as it gives you the opportunity to start afresh with a sturdy and stable foundation. The best options when it comes to foundations are gravel and concrete slab.

Visit to learn more about the options pertaining to superior quality and sturdy storage sheds that are available for you.


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