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How to Insulate Your Metal Shed This Winter

How to Insulate Your Metal Shed This Winter

If you have recently purchased a metal shed/carport you need to perform basic maintenance so that it remains insulated throughout the year. There are numerous benefits of having every metal building on your property insulated this winter, since it prevents formation of condensation. If condensation starts forming inside the shed/carport it will lead to accumulation of mold and rust. Thus, proper maintenance is required.

If you do not use electrical equipment, you could turn your shed completely eco-friendly. There are several options of insulators available for you to choose from, and they range from: fiberglass, form boards and reflective insulation.

Form board is one of the most popular insulating materials, due to its flexibility which is considered advantageous, especially when it comes to insulating a shed/carport. If you use fiberglass there are chances that there will be some gaping holes between the insulation material and the building. A form board is able to cover all cavities and spaces in the structure’s wall. As fiber glass is fairly expensive it is difficult to use this material repeatedly for replacements. Fiberglass is not recommended for wet environments.

Car foam cannot be considered as a better alternative, since it is costlier than both fiberglass and form boards. Car port foam offers better thermal resistance against heat when compared to the other materials. If the thermal resistance offered by a material is higher, it is considered a better insulator.

Measuring and cutting of foam boards

Almost all metal sheds are equipped with hooves on their exterior. You need not cover up the hooves, but focus on the area between them. After measuring for the dimensions, cut pieces of wood according to height and length of the area.

Applying adhesive

After the foam board has been cut according to dimensions of the shed, the adhesive needs to be placed on the metal surface. Cut the adhesive to required lengths and stick the foam board to the shed using it.


One of the disadvantages of foam board is that it absorbs water vapor, which can result in formation of condensation inside the shed. To prevent accumulation of water vapor in the shed, the surface of foam board is covered with vapor barriers. The perfect material to make it waterproof is fireproof aluminum composite panel which protects the inside of the shed from potential accumulation of water vapor.


Another disadvantage of using foam board is that it catches fire easily. Thus, to prevent accidental fires, one needs to make it fireproof by using fire resistant paneling materials. One of the best choices is fireproof aluminum composite panel.

Decorating the shed

It is not necessary to leave the interiors and exteriors of the shed as it is after insulation. You can decorate the shed according to its use and if you do not want to do much, you can simply cover it with wallpaper.

If you use foam board for insulation keep in mind to check its condition regularly. As soon as you notice signs of peeling, you need to change the boards.


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