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Garages for sale in Florida

Are you looking to build a garage in Florida? Well before you do we highly recommend that you check with your local zoning agency first, as in other states Florida residents need to follow strict regulations when it comes to building any type of permanent structure.

The number one thing to do is to check whether or not you will need a permit which in Florida most counties do require it. After you acquire your permit you will need to see if you will need rated doors and windows in addition to additional braces. In some places the counties might require you to get “as built plans” in this case the company that you purchase from (hopefully us) will need to provide you with unique plans for your unique building, this process can take up to 4 weeks in some cases. If you are in Lee, St. John, Hernando Pasco, or Hillsborough Volusia you will need the “as built plans” so don’t forget to let your representative here at know.

After getting your paperwork in order check out our extensive gallery and look for the best building to fit your needs and if you rather draw something yourself send it to us we do custom buildings as well.

We offer services to all of Fl here are just some of our top cities.

Fort Lauderdale
Key West 
Miami Beach
Daytona Beach 
Forth Myers
St. Petersburg
West Palm Beach
St. Augustine
Boca Raton
Clear Water
Panama City Beach
Cocoa Beach 
Port St. Lucie 
Panama City 
Palm Beach 
Cape Coral
Pompano Beach 
Delray Beach 
Marco Island
Forth Walton Beach
Vero Beach
New Smyma Beach
Pensacola Beach 
Cape Canaveral