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2 car garages

By far the most popular garage that we build is the 2-car garage, as garage builders we have mastered making this units. This 2 door garages can be used for everything and anything, the 2 car garages that we make are guaranteed to pass inspections and are rated at 140 mph winds and 35 psf of snow. Our 2-car garage or 2 door garages come with free generic drawings and if requested we can provide site specific wet stamped drawings.

Our 2 car garages are fully customizable and can be made into any dimensions, whether you are storing an RV or a 2-door car our 2-door garage can handle everything. Our units can be made anywhere from 18 wide up to 40 wide and the length is only limited by the amount of space that you need; if you need something bigger than our 40 wide, we can make units up to 100 ft wide.

Like our 1 car garage, you can get most of this 2 car garages in both regular styles or with the classic A frame. Furthermore, you can select horizontal or vert

ical sides and we do offer the very popular wainscoting option. One of the things that some customers also enjoy is our colonial style trim kit or as some people call it the 45-degree trim kit for our doors. When it comes to doors we offer 6x6, 8x8, 9x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 14x14s.

When building a 2 car garage make sure to check with your local county as some counties may require you to get a building permit.


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