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The building you should never buy

The building you should never buy

Are you planning to buy a metal building? If so you should watch out for this building and you should always be aware of what the consequences are. Some smaller companies, in order to get more customers tend to sell this building a lot, and what building is it you might ask? Well its buildings that are 32’ ft. wide and are made with what is called a “double leg”. In addition be aware to not buy buildings that are over 14’ ft. tall with a single leg, if you live in a northern state, this too can be a hazard even if it has a “double leg”.

A building that is over 32’ ft. wide and only has a double leg, lacks the integrity and support that is needed to support the truss/bow. What the smaller companies do is add extra bracing but that too is not enough to keep it from leaning and eventually collapsing. In addition this braces that they add even with the slightest of wind tend to buckle and bend, no longer supporting the weight.

Double Legs

How to know if you are being sold this building?

Well first of all simply ask your sales representative and he will tell you, the sales representative however will not go out of his way to tell you unless you ask so make sure you ask. The second thing is that this building will be extremely cheap! How cheap, well not even close to what a real building made by a reputable company would be. Let me give you an example: A properly made 30x65x16 building with a webbed truss and webbed legs usually costs around $19071.00 whereas the same building with only double legs and a simple bow will cost $13,171.00. The difference between this buildings are worlds apart, not only in the price but the build quality as well.

Not only that but most states/counties have already banned this low quality double legs building and they have been deemed unsafe. Are you willing to risk your well-being and your belongings? If not we highly recommend that you get well informed before you purchase your building and never buy this low quality “rip offs” as they may collapse at any given time.

Webbed Truss and Legs

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