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When should I buy extra braces and anchors?

This is a question we get ask a lot, first of all let’s talk about what the purpose of braces and what their main functionality is.

The main purpose of braces is to provide support for the structure that they get installed in, when we talk about braces in carports and metal buildings they are usually made out of 18 gauge galvanized steel and are installed between the leg and the roof truss. Braces in this type of buildings vary depending on your state and county, they range between 2’ ft., 3’ ft. and 4’ ft. in length. Braces are the support that prevent buildings from swaying from side to side.

So when should I buy extra bracing?

This depends on your building and your state/county. First of all when you purchase a non-certified building it usually comes with braces on every 2 or 3 legs not on every single leg, some structures/carports come with only 4 corner braces and others come with the 4 corner braces and 2 middle braces. On non-certified buildings it is crucial to add extra braces to prevent any type of movement of the carport(s), it is also recommended to add extra anchors.

When you purchase a certified carport or commercial grade building it is not necessary to ask your sales representative about extra braces or anchors. Certified and commercial grade buildings are engineered to support a particular snow and wind load therefore have all the necessary braces and anchors, if your sales rep. tells you otherwise he/she is simply trying to increase your price to get a higher commission or to increase their sales amount to get their promotion, don’t get fooled by them.

In conclusion, only get extra braces and anchors when your building is non-certified, as stated before certified and commercial grade buildings are engineered to withstand predetermined snow and wind loads.

Remember to always be well inform when you purchase any item, whether it’s a carport, metal structure, or any item used in your daily life, a little reading goes a long way!

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