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Cheap Prefab Metal Garage for Sale

Were you Searching for a cheap prefab metal garage for sale? If you were, you are in the right place. First, let us tell you, you are not looking for a cheap prefabricated metal garage, you are looking for an affordable prefabricated metal garage and that is exactly what we offer! You do not want to buy something that is cheaply made, what you want is a quality metal garage that will last you, but won’t break your budget. Here at Carportsnsheds we offer the best quality at the best possible price! Our buildings are manufactured here in The United States of America and we are very proud of it.

Let’s find your perfect building but before we do that, please contact your county to see if you will need to pull a permit. If you do need a permit, please let your rep. know when you call us to place your order.When purchasing a certified prefab metal garage from us you do not need to worry about getting extra braces or extra anchors, all of our buildings come with the necessary braces and anchors and we guarantee that your building will pass inspection. Let’s check out the types of frames that we offer.

Prefabricated Metal Garage Styles

We offer 3 different styles, the first is our regular frame that features a radius bend frame, this are perfect for small metal garages or to be purchased as a garage kit: best for buildings under 30 ft in length.

regular style single door garage
regular style prefab metal garage
Small Single door regular style prefab metal garage

Boxed Eave Style Prefab Metal Garage

Our next frame/style is our Boxed Eave Style that features an A frame with boxed eave trim and horizontal roofing, this style is mostly for aesthetics and can be used for units up to 31 ft.

Single-Garage, Prefab boxed eave metal garage, boxed eave metal garage, Steel garage kit,
Prefab metal garage, 2 door prefab metal garage
Prefab metal garage, large door

Vertical Style Prefab Metal Garage

Our best style is our Vertical Style, our vertical style features the A frame, boxed eave trim and the roof with vertical roofing. This style is best for any and all buildings, specially those that are over 31 ft. In addition, if you live in an area that gets heavy snow and rain, we highly recommend that you get this style as the snow/rain can fall off easier.

Red building with 2 doors 1.jpg
3 doors on gable end.jpg
30x50x12 Metal garage with 3 roll up doo

Once you have selected your style and size the next step is to get your quote. Before you call, request or message us to get your quote Make sure you have an answer to the following questions:

  1. What size pre-manufactured metal building will you need and how tall? NOTE: Your walls will need to be 2 ft higher than the height of your roll up doors.  

  2. What style would you prefer?

  3. Will you need to pull a permit? If yes note that most of our buildings are rated at 140 mph wind and 35 psf of snow, if you need something different please let our reps know.

  4. What gauge frame will you need? NOTE: We carry both a 14 gauge 2 ½ x 2 ½ and a 12 gauge 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ both frames can be certified to what ever your county requires and at this point it is down to personal preference. The 12 gauge is thicker; however, our 14 gauge is just as strong as we do not use the cheaper 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ 14 gauge. If you prefer to save, we recommend that you go with the 14 gauge.

  5. What size roll up doors will you need? Our standard sizes are 6x6, 8x8, 9x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, and 16x16.

  6. Do you want your doors on the gable end or on the side? See examples below.

  7. Will you need any walk-in doors or windows? We carry a 36x80 walk in door and 24x36, 30x30 and 30x36 windows. NOTE: You can also choose to install your own custom door, if that is the case please let us know what size frame out you will need for your doors.

  8. Will you need insulation? We carry a double bubble with a vapor barrier and a 2 inch fiberglass, the 2 inch fiberglass is rated at r7, the double bubble with a vapor barrier does not carry a rating as it is a different type of insulation; if anyone gives you a rating we highly suggest that you avoid them as they are lying to you to get you to purchase from them. NOTE: You can also choose to do your own insulation or buy the insulation yourself and get us to install it, we will charge 30% to install it.

If you can answer these questions you will be prepare for one of our reps. to call you, however, if you need help deciding, do let us know and we can advise you as to what will work for your application.

Place your order for a prefab metal garage

The next step would be to place your order. To place your order simply let your rep. know that you are ready to move forward. To start your order a deposit must be placed, the deposit will be a % of your total amount; most of the time 5 to 20%. If your pre-manufactured metal building is over 15 thousand, another deposit must be made when we call for scheduling, the rest will be due after the building is installed. If your metal building is not over 15 thousand, then you only need to pay your initial deposit and the rest will be due after installation.


Prefab Metal Garage Installation

When getting ready for your prefabricated metal building to be installed the first thing you have to do is Call 811 or whom ever handles underground utilities in your area; safety is first! Once you have cleared any underground utilities, the next step is to get your lot level and graded, if doing yourself, make sure the grade is within 4 inches, otherwise we may not be able to properly install your building. We highly recommend that you get a professional to do your grading.

Installing your prefab metal building on ground

If you are installing your prefabricated metal garage on the ground make sure to have your lot cleared and to have at least 2 to 4 ft of cleared space all around your prefab metal garage. In addition, make sure that we will be able to drill mobile home anchors to the ground without hitting any bedrock or large underground boulders, you can check for this by simply hammering down a 36-inch rebar anchor. Rebar anchors can be purchased at most hardware stores; you will only need one.

Installing your prefab metal building on concrete

If installing on concrete and your building is certified, we highly recommend that you wait for you certified drawings to come in, the drawings will tell your contractor exactly what he needs to do. Your contractor should be able to handle all of the work, if he has any questions you may give them our phone number 1 844 205 7476 and we can answer any questions they may have.

Our most common questions for pouring concrete:

  1. What size? The concrete slab will need to be W x (L-1) for example if you are getting a 30x51 prefab metal garage, your slab will need to be 30x50, if you are buying a 26x26 your slab will need to be 26x25.

  2. Would it be better to add 6 inches all around the slab? No, adding any extra concrete around the building will only cause water problems in the future, we prefer to overlap our sheet metal on the concrete so you do not have any water coming in.

  3. Will I need a footer? This will depend on your county, most of the time a standard 12”x12” footer is recommended; however, your county may have different requirements. We at carportsnsheds do not require anything, we can install it on any level surface, just make sure you do check with your county.

  4. How thick of a slab do I need? You can ask your concrete contractor about this, this will depend on what you will be doing with your building, the standard would be a 4-inch-thick slab with 3k psi cement and a fiberglass mixture; this will handle most residential cars. If you are installing a lift it is more affordable to just add reinforcement where your post will be going (basically a small footer) instead of a thicker slab. If you are using your building for commercial use, do check with your concrete contractor.

Once your area is prepared, please let us know so that we can get your prefab metal garage on schedule. 

a concrete foundation for a prefab metal garage
Click on image to get an estimated price.
Prefab metal garage prices
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